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A technique known in Thailand by the name of ancient healing touch.
Thai massage is performed on a mat placed on the ground allowing a unique form of energy bodywork. Working on the floor mat enables the therapist to use his whole body weight to apply the massage. The massage consists of stretching movements, joint mobilization and pressure point massage along the body’s “Sen” lines in order to release the flow of energy. The benefits lie in clearing energy pathways, eliminating muscle pains, relieving fatigue, calming the nervous system and promoting a deep sense of relaxation.

Duration of treatment …….. 60 minutes


Foot spa is a luxury massage therapy.

The feet are bathed in warm green tea containing sea salts. As a deep cleansing peeling sea salts, pounded sesame seeds and almond oil will be used, leaving your feet very smooth. A 45 minutes reflexology massage follows, applying pressure to the reflex areas can promote health in the corresponding organs trough energetic pathways. A luxurious cocoa-butter cream will be applied and leave your feet smooth and relaxed.

Duration of treatment …… 1hour and 30 minutes


Hands are a very important since they reflect your personality.

Hand Spa treatment starts with a light peeling which leaves your hands smooth and well cured. The luxury cream applied moisturizes your hands. A gentle massage eases the tension on tired sore hands.

Duration of treatment…. 60 minutes


Spa (3) Jacuzzi


The slimming massage stimulates the blood circulation.

The massage improves the exchange of substances in your body as well as increasing the blood and oxygen flow to the muscles helping them burn more calories. The fast and rhythmic massages movements help break subcutaneous fat. You loose weight and your skin will become firmer and cellulite will be reduced. Your silhouette will look slimmer and firmer.

Duration of treatment…80 minutes



Spending just a few minutes in either Jacuzzi or Sauna will help the entire body relax. A combination of Sauna and Jacuzzi is available.

Duration …….60 minutes



Well being package, ideal for anyone who wants to detoxify her/his body or losing weight.

Starting with 30 minutes of sauna to eliminate toxins and impurities, followed with a seaweed salt body exfoliation, leaving your skin smooth and gives you a fresh feeling. The massage which will be performed with a detoxifying blend of pure essential oils will gently stimulate the body’s natural cleansing process.

Duration of treatment…   2 hours 30 minutes





From the traditional Ayurvedic concept this detoxifying treatment begins with 20 minutes sauna to eliminate the toxins and impurities. The highlight is the hydrating milk bath with flower petals. A gentle flowing massage with warm essential oils to release toxins stimulates blood circulation and relieves stress and tension.

To prevent the effects of a hectic lifestyle, to restore health and vitality to dull, lifeless skin. This revitalizing and nourishing treatment uses active aromatherapy products and helps to maintain your skin’s natural balance. A luxurious scalp massage will end the treatment.

Duration of treatment…   3 hours